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Jan 2016 ︎ Divine is my self-published zine that discusses connection, identity, and sexuality through words and image. Divine’s mission is to authenticate & deepen connections to ourselves and each other through art that celebrates sex, bodies, and individual empowerment. Only through these honest connections can we form and solidify communities that can move mountains.

Divine 001

What It Takes

Oct 2016 ︎The first issue of Divine evolved out of a set of experimental art I made in October of 2016 called The Good Rule. This art lead me to taking photos of my body, which lead to a barrage of questions around my identity, sexuality, and how sharing about those subjects is received by society & social media. I ended up releasing some thoughts on the subject in a printed DIY zine format so that it would be received in context. And it became a gateway into conversations around sex and bodies and connection in our society. 

Size: 8.5x5.75” Pages: 26. Printer: HP Envy 7640. Inkjet, B&W and Color. Paper, Cover: Stardream, Antique Gold 81 lb. Paper, Inside: White text stock.


AIGA Eye on Design: Design Diary No. 119
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