Graphic Interviews for Graphic Artists

Illustration for Braulio Amado’s GIFGA 3

Feb 2017 ︎ When one of my dream designers, Braulio Amado, invited me to participate in the third issue of his collaborative project, Graphic Interview for Graphic Artists (or as it’s been lovingly dubbed, GIFGA), I peeled my jaw up off of the floor to participate.

The rules were simple: Answer 6 questions about yourself with imagery. Being a letterer, this would’ve been an especially difficult challenge...if I followed the rules. I, instead, took it upon myself to fool daddy by including lettering in a way that would either go undetected or be so undetectable by the untrained eye that he would be proud of me for pushing the limits.

What are words? Where is the line where they become illustration or shapes devoid of meaningful literary meaning? I’m still not sure if my letters were unnoticed or just unpoliced...

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©2017 Jillian Adel