hire me to give a talk, workshop, or write for you

talks are themed around creative business and holding a non-conservative / sexual feminist identity within a conservative industry. i’ve given a number of talks within the design space, sharing my story about moving to LA and diving into freelance life after years in NYC agency life. the story includes the struggles and realities of building an independent creative business, how pole dancing opened the door to finding sex & body positive causes that led to my zine, divine, and how we can work towards building a more inclusive, sex positive culture within design and without.

i’m currently working with an event called the good rule: an evening of story, typography and bad ideas. learn more here.

my workshops focus around experimental lettering and creative exercises to help people find and trust their visual voice. please reach out with any questions or further inquiries around either of these programs.

my writing exists around all of these themes, and you can read some pieces i’ve written here, here and here.

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