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please enjoy the projects i’m not able to show publicly. share with discretion. thank you!


Key Art Design for Good Behavior

July 2017 ︎ Based on the Letty Dobesh books by Blake Crouch, the seductive thriller Good Behavior centers on con artist Letty Raines and her inability—despite good intentions—to consistently live a clean life. The key art exploration of Season 2, seen here, was based around the branding from Season 1 and explored approaches both alone and with the object of her affection. The art went unused in pitch phase.

Variant Creative

Creative Direction
Gary Irwin

Apple iPad

Lettering for Back-To-School iPad Pro Campaign

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Media Arts Lab & Psyop

Creative Direction
Sean Martin

Taco Bell

Logo Design for Live Mas Campaign

July 2015 ︎ The Live Mas Scholarship is funding the next generation of innovators and dreamers by granting non-sports, non-academic scholarships to high school grads in need. We developed a set of logo options for their new year based on the sense of rebellion and artistic energy that the scholarship is meant to embody. 

Wildlife LA

Creative Direction
Scott Friedman

Executive Producer
Brandon Del Nero

Pepsi Sun Chips

Lettering for Sun Chips

Aug 2015 ︎ I was approached by Sun Chips’ Creative Director to explore new lettering and logo looks based around a new brand direction for the well-known brand of whole grain snacks. We explored a lot (A LOT) of options, all which went ultimately unusued. Such is the way.

Pepsi Co.

Creative Direction
Jason Rosenberg

Universal: Wizarding World

Branding Exploration for Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

March 2016


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