Target Holiday

Art Direction & Design at Deutsch LA

Apr-Jun 2017 ︎ Over the course of two months, I designed for a number of Target campaigns in the early stages of their conceptualization. Most of my time was spent on the Hoilday team / campaign, but I also hand my hands on Halloween, Back To School, and Star Wars. My main role was to work with the team to bring ideas to life and get them ready to sell to the client by way of photo research, mood boarding, comping and presentation design.

This was one of my longest contracts as a freelancer, and I enjoyed really investing in these teams and this client with the aim of creating something really different and special for Target’s Holiday season. Due all of the work remaining internal, I’m unable to show any visuals; but this was a really robust experience in terms of concept, team dynamic, and selling big ideas to big companies. It was also a great exercise in communication as my manager was remote, and I had to be very self-starting, as well as self-managing and self-aware in order to keep our relationship as productive and symbiotic as it could be. This is an area I believe I exceed at.


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