The Good Rule

Monthly Art & Story Mailer via Patreon

2017 ︎ The Good Rule is a monthly printed mailer that I send out each month to those signed up on my Patreon page. It includes any combination of illustration, lettering, story and notes to my patrons that I see fit at the time. It exists at a breeding ground for experimental art and ideas direct to my audience as well as a place that is safe for me to work with more explicit sexual content, if desired. 

The Good Rule started in October 2016 as a daily art project that followed the rules:

• Make something you’ve never made before
• Make it totally for you
• Make it so bad
• And make a website for it.

The process of aiming for work to be “bad” took the pressure off of making something “good” and freed me up to following my instincts. Abstract art gave way to photography, video, and ideas around sexuality...and eventually diving into storytelling and writing...that all evolved into my sex and body positive zine, Divine. This mailer allows me to oscillate between the art worlds I’m familiar with, and the story and sexuality worlds that are newer, with the goal of making whatever is right in the moment. It is, by far, the most sacred work I’ve ever made.

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*More to come*
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©2017 Jillian Adel