Design / Announcements ︎︎ 9 Nov 2017            

The Good Rule: An Evening of Story, Typography and Bad Ideas

Join us for an intimate even of story and type play in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Limited spots available.

The traditional design event model has become troublesome to me in more recent years. In hindsight, it always was...but now I have the self awareness to realize it. Typically, this model is set up for two kinds of people: the expert and the student. The expert is there to give, to impart, to teach. And the student is there to listen and receive. There is value in this, no doubt, in the right places; however, this structure leaves us with two main problems. First, it implies that younger designers have nothing to give and those on a senior level have nothing to learn. And secondly, what do most people come to events for but to connect with their community? With this model existing as the main dynamic used to build design events (conferences, lectures, workshops), it leaves a huge portion of the industry who either don’t neatly fall into these categories or don’t want to without the opportunity to connect with their industry community. So with this in mind, I’ve put together a program that I hope will be the beginning of creating spaces I’m dying to see in our industry. When you’re putting a program together for the design community, I feel like people understand the words “talk” and “workshop”. But I really don’t want to work within those confines. I want to share stories. And I want to encourage others to share theirs. I want to offer what I know, but only if it helps you see what you already know. I don’t want you to make work like me, I want you to make work very much like you. And if I can start to help facilitate that, then I’ll be happy. I want to make spaces to give and receive, to share and share alike, to make and help us bring the most honest creative work out of each other.

Learn more & sign up on the new Good Rule website ︎

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