United States of What the Fuck?!

Welcome to the United States of What the Fuck?!


Lately, the news has been a little more than grim, and I think we've all been feeling it. Most prominently featured has been the incident going on in Ferguson, Missouri where the death of an unarmed teenager, Mike Brown, and the mis-handling of the case by the local police resulted in unprecedented mayhem. During one of the first nights of protest, I sat for about 4 hours staring at the TV with my jaw dropped completely to the floor, unable to believe what was happening in my own backyard. "This is 2014?!" I thought, unable to believe I wasn't watching a flashback of war protests from the 60's or a standoff in the Middle East for that matter. As I watched, my hand was busy reacting. Us artists tend to deal with our feelings through our art, and so #USWTF was born.

I wanted to make something to share. I want to commiserate with those feeling the same disappointment & disgust. I want to bring awareness to those not paying attention. And I would ultimately like to raise money to send down to Ferguson to help, even in a small way. With that said, these stickers are for sale and 100% of the profits will be donated to the Legal Defense Fund which helps release those who were arrested while protesting in Ferguson standing for Justice for Mike Brown.

If you agree with the sentiments I've listed here, I would be so happy if you would join me in the effort to spread the word & help raise a little cash for those brave enough to stand up against civil injustice. Here's how you can help:

• Put these stickers somewhere publicly visible where others can see them.
• Take a glamour shot of where you've posted your sticker and put it on the social media outlet of your choice (Instagram & Twitter tend to be great for this type of thing) and use the tag #USWTF.
• Share the link to the stickers & let the word spread.

When people ask you what the stickers are all about, tell them. Whatever you do, keep talking. Change doesn't happen by staying quiet. Let's keep the conversation going about civil injustice because we live in the United States of What the Fuck?!