As an Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Letterer, Storyteller, Pole Dancer, Zine Mom, and Sex Positivity Activist, Jillian (she/her pronouns) has been designing images & ad campaigns for cash and drawing typography for a decade; and although she loved many of those years in New York agencies, she now lives and freelances full time in L.A., splitting her time between conceptual campaign work, illustrative/typographic work, and writing/curative work for her zine, Divine, and others. The main factor in Jillian’s work, all of her work, is the perspective, ethos, and process she brings to the table. Jillian gets off in the middle of where corporate red tape and getting away with murder meet. She aims to make work that breathes, vibrates, connects. And she wants to collaborate with others who share that desire.

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